Recap of SSI World Shipbuilding Conference 2022:
Innovate. Integrate. Build.

Floorganise has participated in the World Shipbuilding Conference 2022 in Mobile on October 4 to 6. For the first time since 2018 this biennial conference focused on the latest innovations in digital shipbuilding. This year, the conference spanned three days and featured shipbuilding leaders from around the globe across more than 40 sessions. The Floorganise team has delivered the audience with knowledge sharing presentations and interactive workshops. Showcasing for instance how automation in planning and control can be triggered from the engineering model.

But what was true for the entire event was the consistent discussion of the importance of strong partnerships. SSI were lucky to have so many platform and development partners join. 

Throughout 30-plus-year history, SSI have worked closely with some fantastic shipyards and design offices. They took the chance to share a token of our appreciation and honor some of our longest-standing and most innovative clients.

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Day 1: Empowering Engineering Focus

The first day was focused on empowering engineering through our model-based environment. With so much information stored as part of the project, the better shipbuilders can access information across the whole model, the more accurately and faster they can complete design and engineering tasks.

There was a big focus from partners on extending the SSI solution and ensuring that shipbuilders can use project information in the way that best fits their business and processes. In many cases, the connection was so seamless that it was hard to see where which solution ends and begins.

Engineering Innovation Keynote

Brian Blanchette, VP of Quality and Engineering at HII – Ingalls Shipbuilding, kicked off the conference with his keynote session on the “Value of a Strategic Partnership with SSI.” Ingalls Shipbuilding has been an SSI client for 20 years, and in that time, the two organizations have built a trusted partnership.

Blanchette talked about the need to engage strategic technology suppliers effectively as partners to move from a legacy position to a more forward-looking, digitally-driven business. Those that don’t will quickly realize that a business cannot transform itself entirely from within. This type of strategic partnership allows the two firms to drive and align common goals in achieving a true digital transformation.

More Innovation

The rest of the day saw lots of presentations from SSI product experts and development partners. Ranging from an overview of the future of the SSI development roadmap to best practices when working with sister ships.

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Day 2: Business and Digital Transformation Focus

As Ingalls Shipbuilding echoed in their keynote the previous day, shipbuilders need a partner that works with them to build towards their goals for any digital or business transformation to be successful. With day two focused on transformation, we looked forward to hearing cases from clients on their digital journeys, the foundation needed for successful change, and how PLM can act as a source of truth for a shipyard’s digital ecosystem. Floorganise has presented best practices on improving productivity by the means of implementing the 5 keys for continuous improvement; the application of yard value streams, product-based planning, front-end loading principles, the integrated yard control framework and shipyard-MES integration with the other shipyard domains such as engineering, purchasing, fabrication, production and commissioning. 

Business and Digital Transformation Keynote

Thomas Schubert, Chief Engineering Officer at Gibbs & Cox, opened the day with his lessons from nearly 20 years of SSI and Gibbs & Cox working together. He highlighted SSI’s deep industry knowledge and how the teams know the shipbuilding industry inside and out. Schubert also looked towards the future and how Gibbs & Cox is looking towards increasing the level of information integration within their organization and using SSI solutions in a cloud environment.

Austal USA and Austal Australia Approaches to Digital Transformation

SSI was excited to have JC Piat, Senior Project Manager at Austal Ships (Australia), and Barbara Turrens, IT Solutions Architect at Austal USA, present their journeys with and implementations of SSI ShipbuildingPLM.

Piat outlined how Austal Australia’s approach to PLM implementation, ERP integration, and the milestones they’re working on all work together as part of a holistic transformation effort. Their team can now rely on one operational dataset to feed the entire shipyard by taking control of information across the shipyard through a hybridized approach.

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Day 3: Innovation, R&D, and Workshop Focus

To wrap up the conference, the team wanted to look toward the industry’s future and see where the latest innovations, research, and development will take us. Throughout the morning, attendees saw the cutting edge of shipbuilding come to life through the research projects that are currently underway.

R&D and Innovation Keynote

The keynote for the day featured Tom Perrine, VP of Engineering at Austal USA and NSRP Executive Control Board Chair, discussing the NSRP program currently managed by Advanced Technologies International. He shared insights into the program and what is being done to drive engineering innovation through new shipbuilding technologies. Perrine shared that the level of collaboration between industry and technology providers is better than ever and is a key reason for the success we are seeing.

Hands-on Learning

The conference ended on a high as many of our attendees started a selection of hands-on workshops. The workshops on offer were split into five distinct streams:

  • Functional
  • FEA
  • Virtual Environments
  • Extending CAD/Data Re-use
  • ShipConstructor Tips & Tricks
Workshop on automated detail planning by Floorganise
Workshop on automated detail planning by Floorganise

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