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Floor2Plan 2023 Q1 released!

The 2023 Q1 release of Floor2Plan brings several enhancements, bug fixes, and technical improvements. Here's a summary of the key points for readers who are not currently using Floor2Plan shipyard-MES:​​

Clients that want to receive a copy of the release notes can request these here. 

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Technical Foundation

  • The application's technical foundation has been updated to the latest .NET version and related packages, ensuring better stability and performance.

Design Update:

  • The user interface has received a design update, including the person management module and minor fixes throughout the application.


  • The release introduces real-time configuration capabilities, allowing users to make changes and updates to settings directly within the software. A workflow engine has been introduced, enabling real-time customization of processes, including automatic assignment of change-, issue- or transport management request tickets and notifications. 

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous bug fixes have been implemented across various aspects of the application, including app settings, Gantt charts, reporting, authentication, performance improvements, UX and styling, and more.


  • The release involves a migration to the latest .NET Core version, Azure authentication, and various code and performance enhancements.

Receive a copy of the release notes

Clients that want to receive a copy of the release notes can request these here:

These updates represent the commitment for Floor2Plan shipyard-MES to improving the application's stability, performance, and configurability for existing users.