User experience redesign for Floorboard

The Floorboard screen is the user screen that provides department managers, supervisors or area managers with an overview of all their work at hand as well as a single point for progress reporting. Since we are continuously evolving our shipyard execution system a revision of the user experience was conducted recently resulting in refined easy of use and some new capabilities.

In summary these capabilities are:
- Understand the project planning and the impact for your distinctive department as a supervisor, trade lead or production manager.
- Recognize the resource demand and utilisation for your team, department or trade
- Recognize planned hours versus available hours for the upcoming two weeks
- Recognize priorities, deadlines and milestones for all planned activities
- Recognize your department or team performance (%finish on time, %start on time et cetera)
- Alter start and finish dates for department level planning activities or add activities
- Recognize the overall planning and your dependencies, relations and risks
- Access 2D or 3D engineering model information
- Submit issues, risks or revision that trigger a follow up work flow
- Submit actuals, phyiscal progress or hours to go to derive an estimate at completion
- Recognize s-curves for your intermediate products (block, units, section etc) or department
- And many more shipyard operational features

Video 1:  Floorboard user experience re-design