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The origin of Floor2Plan goes back to supervisors, production managers and foremen at a variety of Dutch shipyards. Building and repairing various types of ships.
What we found to be true then in 2012 is still true today. The real value of any shipyard is created on the operational level where engineers and craftsmen together build ships.

In order to organize the daily work on the operational level it is crucial for front line supervisors to oversee all priorities and activities. A detailed breakdown of activities is therewith needed centering on the products that the supervisor is creating. Being it blocks, rooms, systems or drawings. Basically a multi-project overview into the assignments for their shops. Including insights on activity constraints, priorities, dependencies and material status.

This last planner approach as we call it, allows these supervisors to understand if all resources, material and information is available to start the work. But it also allows them to signal devations and trigger mitigating actions to streamline processes and get the project back on track again. In our philosophy LEAN shipbuilding all starts with recognition of supervisor informational needs and delivering on it. 

The Floor2Plan toolset is created with exactly this purpose. To streamline shipyard operational processes by starting with the information needs of supervisors. 

Now with the new Floorboard capabilties various user screens have been made even more easy. 

As various color coding direclty signals which tasks are running out of time or where deviations are taking place. Take a look and if you want to know more don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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