Floorganise awarded
with R&D Project

‘’Being a spin-off of one of the Netherlands’ largest shipbuilders, we have shipbuilding, LEAN thinking and R&D in our DNA and therefore we are very excited to have the opportunity to work together with the renowned names and people this project includes’’, says Ronald de Vries, Managing Director of Floorganise B.V. 

With the title: ‘’Automated Detail Planning and Instant Earned Value Control’’, this project aims to automate the detail planning process coordinated with the project plan through a direct integration with engineering data. It allows for automated sequencing, budgeting, scheduling, resource allocation and Earned Value Management System (EVMS). Integrating a 3D engineering design model allows metadata at the part level to drive the automated planning algorithm to support planning, shop floor control, EVMS, and ERP systems.

“With this relatively small panel project team of partners, we have the unique opportunity to demonstrate how dedicated commercial off the shelve solutions can support the improvement of digital shipbuilding business processes for both U.S. military and commercial shipbuilding programs when they are applied in conjunction’’, says Patrick D. Roberts VP of Sales & Operations from SSI USA. 

This project offers the participating shipyards the ability to experience the enhanced capabilities of integrating engineering, planning and production control to increase not only their level of project control but also the efficiency of their operational performance by up to 15%. ‘’It is a win for the participating shipyards, the NSRP, SSI USA and Floorganise’’ concludes Ronald de Vries. 

For more information, please contact:

Floorganise: Ronald de Vries, ronald@floorganise.com, tel. +31 613324100.

About SSI

SSI makes it easy to solve the shipbuilding industry’s unique challenges by empowering shipbuilders to focus on the business of shipbuilding. SSI lives and breathes the rapidly evolving technologies that define the future of shipbuilding and understands how to implement them specifically for shipbuilders. By working with shipbuilders to solve their business challenges with technology, SSI gives them the power to concentrate on what they do best – shipbuilding.

About NSRP

The National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) manages and focuses national shipbuilding and ship repair research and development funding on technologies and processes that will reduce the total ownership cost of ships for the U.S. Navy, other national security customers and the commercial sector and develop and leverage best commercial and naval practices to improve the efficiency of the U.S. shipbuilding and ship repair Industry. NSRP provides a collaborative framework to improve shipbuilding-related technical and business processes.

About Floorganise

Floorganise BV is a spin-off of one the Netherlands’ largest shipyards and the developer of the Shipbuilding Production Execution System Floor2Plan. Floorganise serves a worldwide client base with digital innovation for shipbuilding operations. Next to enhanced production planning and control, solutions are aimed at shop floor control, time tracking and progress reporting. New build as well as refit or repairing yards are served.

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Floorganise BV from the Netherlands, ShipConstructor Software USA, Inc. (SSI USA) and project partners Austal USA, Fincantieri Marinette Marine and Philly Shipyard PSI have been awarded funding for their respective panel project by the Executive Control Board of the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP).