New video series of use cases for automated planning

Throughout recent weeks we at Floorganise have been asked by shipyards to propose ideas for automating complex detail planning and control use cases.

​Automation in planning and control 

Product-based-planning methods as applied within Shipyard-MES Floor2Plan capture yard specific value streams for sequencing, resource allocation and division of work related to space, systems and hull blocks all together. Through the inclusion of yard specific logic and component (block, system, space, drawing, work package) specific sequencing per phase can be applied automatically. 

Please find here on this page a first use case recorded. Capturing system outfitting per space with the inclusion of hull block completion activities. Laying the specific constraints and dependencies between the various departments and trades automatically. Obviously in live situation each of the associated departments will receive their own view, work packages and load view associated with these planned items.

Floor2Plan use case example for space outfitting in combination with hull block completion

Want to challenge us with your own use case?

If your challenge or use case is different please reach out, allowing us to record your use case within the series we will publish in the upcoming weeks. Just send a mail to info(at)