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Welcome to William: shipbuilder of 30 years experience

At Floorganise we believe in the potential and value of the workers surrounding the shop floor. These problem-solvers with their can-do mentality, together building the most complex ships, are the true assets of any shipyard.

We know that if the needs of the front line supervisors are leading and when information and timelines are oriented towards their priorities, significant savings materialize. Not only a reduction on lead times and project duration but also on project risks, hours spent and issues arising.

Another shipbuilder in our team!

With the addition of William to our team we have a shipbuilder in our midst that breathes this vision from his own 30 years of experience in shipbuilding. 

30 years of building complex ships

Having gone through the ranks of a yard in his 30 year spanning career William knows firsthand how to address the reality of the shop floor into a production plan as well as how a building strategy should be leading in breaking down the departmental silos of the yard and its supply chain. 

Broad experience from the yard

With the addition of William to our team we not only have a colleague that understands from his own experience the work of an iron worker, estimator, calculator and planner. But also that of a work preparator, cost controller or project manager. 

As William has extensive experience using Floor2Plan throughout his career he knows first hand how to create an ideal fit between what a shipbuilding project demands, the operational staff requires and how Floor2Plan can bridge those priorities.