About Cadmatic

Cadmatic is a leading developer of digital and intelligent 3D-based design, engineering and information management software solutions for the marine, process, and construction industries.

Their solutions are used for all kinds of ship, offshore, process plant, and building constructions. These constructions range from luxury yachts to the biggest cruise vessels and offshore platforms, shopping malls and business premises, and food and pharmaceutical projects to the largest power, chemical, oil & gas and pulp & paper projects. Cadmatic is aiming at achieving customers’ key goals:

  • Shortening project lead times
  • Minimizing design errors in all project phases
  • Increasing efficiency of change management
  • Enhancing information accessibility
Company details
  • NameCadmatic
  • TypeSoftware company
  • IndustrieShipbuilding, process industry, construction
  • Foundedmid 80's
  • BasedGroningen, The Netherlands
  • Websitehttps://www.cadmatic.com/

Our partnership

Cadmatic Ltd and Floorganise BV have entered into a strategic partnership to expand their product portfolios and enhance production planning and control at shipyards. The partnership includes joint software products as well as technical and commercial cooperation under the Cadmatic Floorganise brand name.

Building on successful cooperation on integration projects with renowned customers in the superyacht and work boat industries, the partnership facilitates joint development of a shipbuilding planning and control platform that integrates engineering data with planning and control functions. The platform can reduce the production workshop hours 15%.

The partnership supports Cadmatic's strategic growth goals and strengthens its position as a global market leader in marine and process design and information management software. It also expands Cadmatic’s shipyard user base from engineering users to users in project management, planning and production control. The partnership allows Cadmatic to provide design and information management software to its customers as a “one-stop shop”.

“The partnership creates excellent opportunities for Cadmatic. Now we can provide our customers with digital information management solutions for the entire shipbuilding production and supply chain process. Floorganise has already demonstrated its capability to integrate engineering, production, planning and supply chain data from various sources in a consistent digital ship production execution system,” says Cadmatic CEO Jukka Rantala.

“Partnering with Cadmatic enables end-to-end digital processes and information flows in shipbuilding,” says Ronald de Vries, Managing Partner of Floorganise “We are happy to enter into this partnership with Cadmatic, which allows us to offer shipyards enhanced capabilities to not only increase their level of project control but also the efficiency of their operational performance. It is a win for customers, Cadmatic, and for us.”

Want to know more?

Curious on learning more about our partnership? Please reach out, we gladly tell you more.

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Ronald de Vries