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Increasing shipyard efficiency

for new build and repair shipyards

  • Product breakdown with our planning engine or coupling with Primavera, MS Projects, etc.
  • Meet multi-project demand for disciplines with available resources and look ahead in time based on actuals.
  • Workers on the shop floor see current tasks, crucial details and submit time and/or progress.
  • Separate modules manage progress made by subcontractors, status of tasks and coupling with the planning of other subcontractors within the project.

  • See the progress and deviation of your project at an early stage so alternative scenarios can be derived.
  • Prioritize the demand for resources based on all required disciplines for running and upcoming projects.

An integrated approach for all your projects, departments and shipyards connecting with current ERP/Planning

More than 250 dredgers, trailing suction hopper dredgers, luxury super yachts and many other shipbuilding projects have been realized with Floorganise. From high-level project planning to integrated detailed activity scheduling for the whole yard and all its workers.

The key to optimal use of production capacity, the shortest duration, and meeting deadlines is automatic detailed scheduling that allows you to look ahead in time based on detailed planning and progress reporting. Creating a product breakdown for the activities of the ship you are building is essential for a planning to be effective and to match the work logic of the production departments of your yard.

Because activities are related to concrete objects or parts of the ship, workers recognize the planning activities with the work they are performing. This allows them to draw correct conclusions on division of work, and priorities, and supports them with decision making. Tasks are scheduled in such detail that at the end of the working day, they are completed or not. This allows for specific progress reporting and accurate higher-level management information on a daily basis.

With feedback options from the yard floor allowing for knowledgeable calculations, more ownership of the building process is created. With this more dependable and more accurate planning, looking ahead in time becomes easier, as does the just-in-time delivery of crucial parts and components.


Floorganise: the missing link for your ERP

The Floorganise modules work seamlessly with your ERP system. Our tooling continues where most ERP systems stop; the shop floor in building companies.