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An integrated approach to project and yard control

Estimating, project planning, distribution of tasks, submitting spent time and materials and applying performance or resource dashboards for control. They are all distinctive elements that constitute the back bone of a repair yards' primary processes. All of which can be managed from one system: Floor2Plan. All integrated with your current IT-landscape. 

Floor2Plan for repair: a preview

The opening screens visualizes only the modules relevant for your role. Being an estimator, project lead, general manager, time keeper, supervisor, charge hand or any other role your yard distinguishes.

All information you see is actively filtered making sure you direclty see the projects and departments that interest you. 

Setting up a new estimation starts with learning from the detailed post calculation of previous projects. Based on similar vessel-types, projects and activities. Even metrics if available. 

Include your production standards and default work breakdown to create quality assurance and subsequent quality checks. 

Knowing the vessel type involved automatically filters relevant work types and production standards for your new estimation or project. 

Select the activities for your new project from a default list (particular to the vessel type) or add new activities to quickly derive a new project. 

Budget and calculate your project with this detailed break down into time and materials and add margins. Use previous projects and their post calculation for reference to add certainty to your accuracy and assesment. 

Production departments use this single overview for a quick insight into priorities, performance and status of all work currently active. 

Get a quick understanding of dependencies and possible risks for current activities. 

Retrieve time and materials spent by either having workers submit their usage themselves (on touchpanels with RFID) or submit this data via supervisors using their PC. 

Floor2Plan is obviously integrated with your ERP-, finance and payrolling system for quick invoicing, purchasing and transfer of payroll-data.