Shop floor control + time tracking

Accurate reporting of time and progress is crucial for not only the running project but also for correct estimations on future projects. The dynamic nature of shipbuilding requires an approach for retrieving correct time and progress that is shipbuilding specific and that absorbs it's dynamic nature. That's what Floorganise delivers. 

New build yards:

Time and progress tracking + details and more  

Every department in new build has it's own perspective on the project. Being a system orientation, a steelwork or block perspective, work packages, drawings or rooms for interior related departments. Floorganise adapts to the logic of each of the executing departments resulting in great feedback and a solid starting point for continuous  improvement efforts. 

> New Build

Repair yards, 

time tracking and assigning work  

The dynamic nature of repair activities requires an approach that is capable of applying a contiuous shift of people over projects, teams and new activities to emerge throughout the work day and that limits the manual input.  Floorganise addresses these aspects.

> Repair