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Floor2Plan Use Case
Video series

On this page you'll find the most common scenarios for how the various shipyards using Floor2Plan are utilizing our Shipyard-MES within their operational teams. Learn more here about the various capabilities for the various operational roles.

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As no single day within a shipyard is the same and no project is similar, developing predictability within the operations of a shipyard relies heavily on transparency. On overall priorities, on dependencies with other teams, about resource loads and more. 

To make life easier for project managers and supervisors Floor2Plan is equipped with ease of use, intuitive screens and access from all kinds of devices. 

Since all features are the result of our years long involvement with various users on the deck plate level, front line supervisors, production planners and project managers are always very eager to using Floor2Plan. This translates into a very small learning curve and quick adaption rates. Please view the various testimonials on our website to learn more. 

Use case scenario 1:

Front Line Supervisors

Crucial for Front Line Supervisors is to understand the multi-project priorities for their teams. Assessing if activities are ready to start (materials ready, resources available, drawings complete et cetera) and where the running operations are deviating from budgets and detailed plan. In order to provide these insights the following capabilities are highlighted in this video:  

  1. Planboard
  2. Floorboard. FLS Homepage
  3. Detailplanning by FLS
  4. Time and progress tracking by FLS
Use case scenario 1: Front line supervisors

Also available for front line supervisors from Floor2Plan but not seen in this video are

  • Digital Work Packages (incl QR-code)   
  • Performance statistics (earned value) 
  • Material life cycle tracking 
  • Document management 
  • Issue management 
  • Resource load views 
  • Material warehouse status 
  • And many more

Use case scenario 2:

Ship Area or Project Managers

Responsible for a complete project, a designated area of the ship or a repair project the ship area - or project managers are consistently looking for potential risks that arise as well as where production performance deviates from the plan. In order to make this assessment the need is for a multi-trade insight into performance against the baseline. Both past performance as well as a look ahead into the upcoming days and weeks. Therefore the following capabilities are highlighted in this video: 

  1. The Reporter. A multi-trade overview
  2. The Reporter. Different views
  3. Progress recognition. Weekly roll-ups
  4. Reporter. Validation of progress updates
  5. Reports. Actuals / earned value
Use case scenario 2: Ship area manager

Also available for ship area - or project managers but not seen in this video are:  

  • Inclusion of supply chain actuals 
  • Contract milestones and critical path 
  • Ship repair estimation capabilities 
  • Material and service costs control 
  • Invoicing and billing 
  • Resource load views 
  • And many more

Use case scenario 3:

Work preparation or production planning and scheduling

Production planners or work preparators are heavily depended on bringing together insights from various sources to make decisions that will determine the efficiency of the shipyard in the upcoming weeks and months. The more they are capable of sustaining the optimized building strategy, apply granular production norms and standards the more specific they can direct the work packages for the various trades. There is a vast opportunity for enhanced performance here through automation as can be seen partly through this video:  

Use case scenario 3: Work preparators

Not seen in this video but also available for work preparation purposes are the following capabilities.  

  • Use CAD/PDM for automation (scheduling, part sequencing and norm setting) 
  • Application of 3D work preparation 
  • Visualization of part statuses in 3D (part is cut, nested, assembled et cetera) 
  • Synchronization with work package information from ERP / P6 / EVMS / AI 
  • Creation of digital work packages and job orders 
  • And many more

Use case scenario 4:

Work Shop Managers

As production or work shop managers are assessing the work loads for the upcoming weeks and months and therewith determining the priorities for the various front line supervisors it's crucial for them to have insights into the actuals for running operations. Capabilties from Floor2Plan that align with this information need are highlighted in this video.  

  1. Resource loads
  2. Dashboarding and kpi’s
  3. Floorboard. Trade homepage
  4. Detail planning per trade
Use case scenario 4: Work shop manager

The following capabilities which are not shown in this video are also available to make life easier for production or work shop managers;

  • Digital Work Packages (inc QR-codes)
  • Assigning front Line supervisors to work packages 
  • Resource control (actuals, holidays, shifts, time punches) 
  • Material life cycle tracking 
  • Document management 
  • Issue management 
  • Material warehouse status 
  • And many more

Use case scenario 5:


Engineers, welders, carpenters or iron workers the list of the various craftsmen working in shipyard operations is long and diverse. Depending on the set up of the shipyard these craftsmen have more or less responsibility for organizing their own work. So therefore the set up of Floor2Plan also differs. In this video we showcase the most common features that these craftsmen are using. Which have an emphasize on all features related to collecting time and attendance on the shop floor. 

  1. Clocking terminals (punching in and out)
  2. Submit hours on jobs (different scenarios available for different types of shipyards)
  3. Consumed materials (where an open warehouse is used, such as in repair yards) 
Use case scenario 5: Employees

Not shown in this video but also available are the following capabilties: 

  • Digital Work Packages 
  • Work Instructions 
  • Drawing information (2D/3D) 
  • Material warehouse status 
  • Communication message and planned finish dates 
  • Requesting leave/holidays 
  • Progress recognition 
  • And many more  


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