About us

Our development team has a lot of knowledge and currently consists of five developers. In the coming years we would like to add a number of broadly interested developers. Within this team, all decisions are taken together about architecture, functionalities, new techniques that we want to apply and about what is needed within projects. This working method gives all our developers a lot of space and freedom, but also brings responsibility. At the same time, as a company, we are quite compact. From front-end to back-end, but also in terms of direct feedback from users, you will see all aspects of your profession.

We are a young company with great ambitions.There are more and more shipyards worldwide that are looking for a solution to bridge the distance between the office and the work floor.Our application Floor2Plan supports them in a series of steps that occur in the primary process of shipbuilding.In addition to carrying out projects, we are very busy with conducting R&D.The process engineer also plays an important role in this.Namely, identifying improvement measures (based on the knowledge developed by our customers and their more generic issues), developing them into improvement proposals and ensuring their realization (testing what our developers engineer for this)

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