Floorganise is looking for innovative developers!

Full Stack Developers | Senior and Medior

Thousands of ambitious shipbuilders worldwide are eager to work with your software!

Does the latest web development techniques make your heart beat faster? Do you want to be a crucial link in a young and compact team that plays on a global level? Then take your chances at Floorganise!

As a software engineer at Floorganise you are pro-actively involved in the further development of the roadmap for our web tool Floor2Plan; translating customer-specific issues into our architecture and devising new concepts and methods. More and more leading shipyards are looking for solutions to bridge the distance between the office and the shop floor.

Our innovative Floor2Plan suite provides smart support for this process. The challenge for our development team is therefore continuous, how do we translate this complexity into simplicity in use, sleek design and UX? Are you a developer with good ideas, clear insights and suitable solutions? Then apply at Floorganise and speed up your career!

Floorganise. Triggering smart Shipbuilding


Come on board at Floorganise!

Why would I want that?

Because then you work at the most inspiring software company in the Zwolle region. Where we work with just over 5 developers on software that is used at shipyards in three continents. Every developer is basically full-stack, but there is plenty of room to further expand and develop your own preferences and expertise.

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PS: Did you know that the average age at Floorganise is 33 years?

But what will I be doing?

In the lead for your own work!

Our product development has several starting points at Floorganise. Good ideas from the development team, a roadmap with functionalities that have been devised by the product owner and have to be worked out into more detail, and then the many requests from yards themselves. Depending on priority and planning, you pick up a theme. You think about how you want to approach these items technically and also what you need for completing this task. Of course you coordinate with colleagues, but the essence is that you yourself are in the lead for your own work. For example, we work with: ASP.Net Core 5 (MVC), latest frontend frameworks (Angular, Typescript, Blazor) machine Learning (neural network), entity framework, web APIs, Microsoft Azure platform, Scrum methodologies, test driven development.

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Will I be on my own then?

Surely not!

Working together unfolds very natural at Floorganise. We work from a scrum methodology and therefore have a day start, retrospecitive and all those ingredients that belong to an agile approach. So you are certainly not alone, there is a lot of room for your own input, ideas and solutions. Because we are a compact and young team, your ideas and suggestions will also be heard. Your contribution is very visible. We are an ambitious company so if you want to learn more, need something to do your work better (course, training, hardware, latest IT tools) then we will have that easily arranged.


Just for clarity sake.

Some facts put together for you!

This is you: 

  • You have ambition and want to develop yourself 
  • You communicate clearly 
  • You like to work independently, but in a good team 
  • Vocational education or higher 
  • Preferably you live in the Zwolle region (not manditory) 
  • Experienced with C #, ASP.Net ASP.NET, MVC, HTML, CSS and Angularjs;

This is what to expect:

  • Challenging assignments and interesting technical novelties 
  • Interesting and large customers 
  • Experienced and expert colleagues in a pleasant and trusted permanent team 
  • A pleasant workplace, working with the latest tools 
  • You can join us on a part-time basis if you prefer 
  • Competitive salary and additional benefits 
  • You will be accomodated extensively to apply self development 


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The procedure 
  • Your code interests us more than your resume. When you can showcase your own code in the form of something you've made that you're proud of, take that with you. 

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Do you want to know more?

Call Ronald on 0613324100 or email ronald (at) floorganise.com for a talk or introduction. You can also call after office hours. The same applies to setting up an introduction or meeting.