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Shipyard-MES* study 

  • Automation in calculating, estimating, scheduling, integrated planning and control
  • Best practices for production planning and control
  • Best practices for capturing operational dependencies and relations
  • Best practices for granular resource control and planning

* MES, Manufacturing Execution System | Shipyard-MES Floor2Plan  

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Securing project performance through artificial intelligence

Real time predictions of arising risks, duration or budget deviations within your complex projects.

The Floor2Plan project execution platform is equipped with Artificial Intelligence capabilities which uses historic datasets to make predictions for the various activities and products of the project.

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Specific capabilities and features from floor2plan?

Download here our latest module overview. 

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More project transparency and predictable results?

Profit from our experience and learn about best practices, insights and tips on ship production planning and production control. Download our Shipyard operational maturity white paper.

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