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5 Keys to
Enhancing Shipyard

Understand the four main causes of why productivity (lead-time and cost-price) within shipyards is being improved so slowly and five main ideas to address these causes.​​

In this webinar Ronald de Vries, Managing Director at Floorganise, outlines how shipyards can move past traditional trade-offs and:

  • Recognize 90% of all dependencies and relations within operational processes prior to the completion of the engineering model for first-of-class or one-off projects.
  • Integrate the need-by-dates from production with priorities for the engineering team. * Apply LEAN shipbuilding practices within a digital yard and project control framework.
  • Connect released information directly from PLM to a shipyard MES. 

Ronald de Vries is Managing Director and co-Owner of Floorganise. By leveraging trusted engineering and shipyard data from SSI, Floorganise provides shipyards with increased project control and process maturity through a shipbuilding-specific Manufacturing Execution System (MES).​

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