NEW: Artificial Intelligence for enhanced planning and control in shipbuilding

Scheduling resources, assigning tasks, deciding on dates and lead times, changing the duration and providing budgets. Each shipbuilding plan consists of thousands of items and moving parts. Which all have only one certainty: everything will not go as planned.  

Increased project predictability
At Floorganise we aim higher when it comes to predictability of daily processes and the control of shipbuilding projects. Which is why we have developed a set of functions that combines big data knowledge, neural networks and the latest insights from features like deep learning, machine learning and backpropagation to bring you a higher degree of predictability for your yard and running projects. 

Practical use: recognizing risks  
Planning is all about mitigating risks. But when thousands and thousands of activities are running on your yard how do you know which risks to mitigate? The answer lies in your past projects. With Floor2Plan it is made possible to apply our knowledge base onto your past and running projects. The result is a recognition of active tasks which we signal as carrying a higher degree of running late, starting late, being overspend in terms of hours or being incorrect in terms of technical progress.

Measuring human behavior: saying yes and doing no 
Coordinating and directing human behavior is only one of the intended effects of the project plan. We all know that intentions are not the same as actual behavior. But when we have the computer measure behavior over time, in stead of intentions, you'll see that assessing performance is growing in predictability and dependability. Which greatly enhances the efficiency of your projects; failure costs go down significantly.  

Application made simple: percentages
For the users of Floor2Plan, which are area managers, project managers, planners or supervisors application is made simple. We just highlight the running tasks with a percentage. Adding a signal to the associated risk of non-conformity. So no fancy training is needed. Just read the added insights and asses its risks. 

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