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Referral yard visit within the USA

Operational excellence is a topic with growing interest throughout the shipbuilding industry in the USA. For Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul yards, new build shipyards as well as for the public shipyards of the US Navy or the Coastguard.

Through an on-site tour, specialists from our client shipyard explained best practices and experience with developing operational performance to their shipbuilding colleagues from other yards within the country. Explaning how Shipyard-MES Floor2Plan functions as a continuous improvement platform.

The yard tour
The yard tour

The objectives from the shipyard prior to starting with Shipyard-MES Floor2Plan:

  • Increase operational productivity
  • Increase operational predictability
  • Increase level of project control (on time delivery)

The use of screens throughout the yard
The use of screens throughout the yard

A summary of results

associated with Shipyard-MES Floor2Plan from within various yards:

  • Hours spent by craftsmen on waiting, searching and walking are decreased with 50%
  • Automation in estimating, work preparation and planning results in ~1 FTE per 175.000 production hours
  • 90% of all granular operational relations and dependencies are recognized explicitly prior to the start of the project and the docking. Or prior to completion of the engineering model in a new build yard. 

  • The administrative burden put on the foremen or front line supervisors are cut back with >1 hour per foremen per day
  • The administrative burden put on the HR/Payrolling department are cut back with 1 FTE
  • Through the high level of automation one planner can control multiple projects in parallel